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those are not the number one issues for them. why is it important to flight to copenhagen, not once but twice? so i'm not saying that to be smarty, so much as i am asking question, why aren't we listening to people when they say they are starting for jobs lexa they're looking for economic rebounds. why do we look at the 16 million plus women in this country who currently owns all or part of a small business, and think of the untold millions of other american women who would love to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and create a little bit of a nest egg in flexibility and ownership for their small businesses? why can't we allow them just to flourish rather than try to suffocate them from the beginning? and so i want to read some of these numbers do you. i'm looking at over 30 crosstabs right here, and we compiled this from a number of national and publicly released poll so that the sample size is taken from over 3000 people in each of the three month periods between january 2009 and january of 2000. over a full year now. president obama's approval ratings have declined among every
>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. in copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happen. >> bill: you knew it would happen. the far left blaming america for haiti's disaster. actor danny glover is the messenger. we'll tell you what is going on. also, we will have reports from our o correspondents on the ground in port-au-prince. the situation is getting worse, if you can believe it. >> we are facing a race against time. >> bill: what did you learn from that conversation? >> she is the most guarded woman i have ever seen in my life. and glen beck on how sarah palin did in her first week as a fox news analyst. >> she knows she is swimming in a tank full of sharks. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. once again, the great satan comes to a rescue. that is the subject of the talking points memo. antiamerican people overseas call the usa the great satan even though we have done more good on this earth than any other nation in history. once again, the usa
. >> a few weeks ago i went to copenhagen, denmark. what a cool city it is. >> bill: apparently oprah winfrey loves the socialistic aspects of denmark. the culture warriors have been investigating that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another $100 million of american tax money heading to haiti. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. world is cringing looking at pictures like these caused by that terrible earthquake in haiti. no one knows for sure but the death toll could top 100,000. right now lives are in the balance as there are folks alive in the rubble. already, thousands of american military are going to haiti, trying to save lives and impose some kind of order there. today, president obama pledged an enormous amount of money. >> i'm also announcing an iminvestment of $100 million to support our relief efforts. this will mean more of the life-saving equipment food water and medicine that will be needed. this investment will grow over the coming year as we emb
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and a gulfstream to swing everybody to copenhagen. they won't disclose how much it cost the taxpayers. is this going to add up one incident after another and is that going to impact the race? >> i don't know about the copenhagen thing. i tell you what will, these wall street bonuses handed out. where goldman sachs announced they are going to give their average employee a $600,000 income -- 2009 i don't know if that includes timest -- includes typists or what, some of those guys will be making over 10 million dollars from a company bailed out. a company, which is so integrated with the obama administration, the head of the sec enforcement bureau from goldman sachs chief adviser to the president is from goldman sachs it's a very, very incestuous thing and i think that will hurt him. >> sean: a week from tomorrow there's an important race in massachusetts to replace ted kennedy. this guy scott brown was down by 30 points, last week one single digits there's a poll outside that shows him up one point against a department it is important obviously because that would get rid of the strangle
the environment now. >> there are some pretty compelling concerns. there is the copenhagen accord. people are wondering what this is. there is an agreement but it is not legally binding. >> it is important. an important step forward. it certainly is not all we were seeking. it is not yet a legally binding accord. that is where we hope this will eventually go. there are some important steps forward. all of the countries are recognizing this is a problem. we had a big battle until very recently. they were denying that had anything to do about their emissions. we have been asking about this for about four years. everybody is now incorrect i think the objectives are not going to satisfy all of the environmental groups. if countries hole to these objectives, they will make meaningful progress. >> canada was getting beating ten up about this. >> these are the environmental groups that have always attacked our governments and others and they are unhappy with the accords. governments have to balance progress with growth. these are not easy questions. we have a position that is held, but all count
? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. let's go with the ah... basic package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose your service, choose your savings. like an oil change for just $19.95. meineke. >>> we're checking out the latest in haiti right now after more than 5 1/2 days. more survivors pulled from the rubble. search teams found two people from the rubble of a grocery store last night. three were rescued earlier yesterday. the u.s. military is segt up distribution points for feeding victims of the quake. five u.s. navy ships arrived today with 2,200 marines on board. they're bringing in medical teams, earth moving equipment, and former president bill clinton even meeting today with haitian officials to discuss recovery operatio
the collective we is. goes to copenhagen and doesn't get the olympics. nobody really expected chicago to get it anyway. as you said, virginia and particularly in new jersey, corzine, i mean i think those guys went to club med together, did they not. it was always there. >> three stops. >> bill: they were. and the last time corzine had a facial tick. so this time he goes up there, everybody is going remember it because this is the big story now in america. you have haiti and then you got this. so i don't know. i thought it was pretty bold of him to put his whole credibility on the line up there. >> well, the credibility of this approach that he has been following of jamming the things through congress on a party line vote only. i'm not sure i agree it is the death of obama care. it is probably the death of the bill we have seen for the last while. is the president smart enough to come out of this and say maybe i ought to do what i said i would do in the campaign and that is work with republicans and democrats to fashion a new bill. >> bill: i can't imagine. if brown wins i think that is obama
warming." then he limited the failure of the climate summit in copenhagen as a result of the failure and he says this is what happened. if you like musicals or politicians how about both together? two very different productions do just that. opening this weekend in germany "hope, the obama musical story." actors will portray the president and first lady michelle obama, as well as other major figures in the 2008 election, talking, singing and dancing in the show. including john mccain, sarah palin and even the reverend jeremiah wright. opening next month in chicago, rush limbaugh the musical. the man playing the conservative icon he says it's gaining attention. he said, "first i thought i was just an actor, now i'm a cog in the leftist propaganda machine. the machine kicks into gear soon and this cog can't wait." and sal has been summoned for jury duty but sal is a cat. a local tv station says they think the furry friend could have been added to the jury pool because they mailed his name in last census under pet. they wrote in consensus form saying that he didn't speak english but he
if i could say hi to the doctor. is he in? he's in copenhagen. oh, well, that's nice. but you can still see him! you just said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. yeah. would you like a pony ? yeah ! ( cluck, cluck, cluck ) oh, wowww ! that's fun ! you didn't say i could have a real one. well, you didn't ask. even kids know when it's wrong to hold out on somebody. why don't banks ? we're ally, a new bank that alerts you when your money could be working harder and earning more. it's just the right thing to do. could be working harder and earning more. anncr vo: can get help gwith a flat tire.... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncvo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. cavem
to call this earlier than we may have thought. the president in one sense is 0-4 if you include copenhagen and new jersey and you include virginia and if scott brown wins tonight in massachusetts that means four times that the president of the united states has put his credibility on the line in his first year in office and has come up unsuccessful. will that further impact the rest of his agenda? >> well, i'm sure it will. i think it will be -- there will be some in the democratic party rather than accept data from the people they are going ahead with what they think is the right thing and that arrogance i think is going to cause them to suffer in 2010. but i also believe the democrats who are thinking about how they should vote on key issues particularly the blue dog democrats are going to say i'm not sure i want to vote along the party line on cap and trade and obama care and higher taxes and cutting medicare. they are going to say no to does things. i think when the politicking time comes they are going to say i don't think i want to invite barack obama to come into my district, he doe
on the heels of what happened, you know, in the lobbying in copenhagen, for chicago to get the olympics bid. we know how that turned out. >> well, look, i think that's a separate matter, but i think politically speaking, it's very important for the president to go up here. this is a democratic candidate in a very important seat for the democrats. so, the president, as the leader of our party, needs to go up there and be seen. i think if you weren't going to go up there, that would really do some damage to the base of the party. but look, it is possible. i think martha's going to pull it out in the end. i think that's what we're all obviously working hard for. it is possible that if she doesn't win, you know, democrats are going to have to go back to the drawing board and take a hard look at how we are effective in the 2010 elections. you know, i think one of the dynamics, though, that we're seeing, alex, if i may, is there's a very strong an anti-incumbency, antiestablishment feeling that i think we're seeing over and over again, and again, that's part of why this idea that the coakley campaign
of that is it could be another copenhagen olympics trip because the blowback on the president would be so bad if he goes back there and coakley still loses. at the same time, his whole agenda, health care and everything else, seems to me, that the message to democrats, if coakley loses, is this is the canary in the coal mine, that health care all these moves the obama administration is making isn't working and that we have to worry about this year's mid terms and not passing the president's agenda. >> what you have going on here is a microcosm of what might be happening throughout the rest of the country. you have a perfect storm of ingredients against incumbents. in this case, incumbent attorney general. there's a river of resentment toward people in public life here. there is also a combination of anxiety and anger overall of the issues that confront families and individuals as well as the nation at large. this huge question here in massachusetts about the costs of the proposed health care plan and it's affecting this election. >> thank you very much, mike barnicle. >>> coming up, the latest on t
said he was in... copenhagen. come on! that's pretty far. doc, look who's in town. ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ♪ >>> 55 minutes past the hour. we get a quick check of the weather headlines. reynolds wolf is in the extreme weather center. outside of los angeles, and san diego, etc., what is going on. >> we had significant fires out there. when you have the heavy wildfires and all the root systems are burned up, you have nothing to anchor the earth and hills outside of l.a. with the heavy rainfall that continues to fall as we speak and more on the way, that's the potential threat, the mudslides in many areas. you see the rain switching over to snowfall. rain has been the big story. and some of the numbers since it began, startling. some of the numbers, here we go. bartlett springs, 10 inches, and before it's over over a foot. and then as i mention, snow up i
, such as the u.n. human rights council, and was recently the copenhagen climate change conference, which demonstrated spectacularly the fatuousness of such international structures, eye of common purpose, a common interest,, and governance. and yet the value of these international institutions and paper agreements seems to leave no lasting impression. did we really learn nothing from the early 20th-century experience, with its repeated and dimmed attempts to regulate the capital ships of the great powers for unable conferences? did we really learn nothing from the kellogg pact, whose signatories incidently included germany and japan? it abolished war forever. and inserted a that the u.s. secretary of state won the nobel peace prize. sound familiar? but at least they ashley sign be useless treaty. obama got it for imagined useless treaty, most notably the one he has been insisting on from prague to new york on universal nuclear disarmament. the night it of obama can be seen in his most recent poll, the dramatic -- the most dramatic of which appeared on september 24, one day after obama sp
in copenhagen where he said, the problem is the white people in the world. the second question is there is a country -- a company in brazil that is an offshore drilling company that in june, the obama administration gave a $15 billion loan to and i think is quite ironic that in february, george soros bought majority shares in that company. effectively, this administration has paid back george soros for getting elected with taxpayer funds. guest: i do not know anything about the second issue, but i can comment on the first. the brazilian president is a colorful, charismatic leader. then he has been for some to, to a half years. very annoyed that they have had to do things that the united states and europe-not have to do. and he has -- have not had to do. and he has been very open about saying that they have not had to do things that they've had to do in developing countries. host: salt lake city, democratic cruller. caller: we have -- and democratic collar. host: we have more natural gas than any of the country. wyoming has a huge amount. we have not even put pipelines for the n
. but the message didn't register. can you say copenhagen all over again? the wildcats in their first game at the top of the polls this year lose to unranked south carolina. 30 points to lead the gamecocks. martha coakley knows how they feel. celebration is on in columbia, gamecocks win 68-62. tennis down under, happening right now because they play in the middle of the night. go figure. serena williams playing her first major since her meltdown last year's u.s. open. she goes on to win 4-6, 7-6, 6-2. that's why they're cheering. serena was expected to meet venus in the semifinals but venus falls to a player from china. 2-6, 7-6, 7-5. she becomes the first chinese player ever to reach the final four of the australian open. we showed you this incredible blindfolded half court shot yesterday by a kansas high school basketball coach. he was supposed to be punked by his kids. but then it got in. so reporter rob low from fox 4 in connecticut wanted to try to do it himself to match his shot? look at this. for a piece he was doing. here he is. >> backfired on the students, a blindfolded half cou
manifestations. the united nations, the various parties, and most recently, the copenhagen conference, which demonstrated the fatuousness of such international structures. çóyet this seems to leave no lasting impression. we really have learned nothing from the early 20th-Ñicentury experience, from repeated and doomed attempts to regulate the capital shifts of the great powers. did we learn nothing from the kellogg pact that abolished war forever, with a certainty that one frank keller look at the nobel peace prize in 1929? sound familiar? but i believe kellogg actually signed a treaty. [laughter] obama got it over imagined useless treaties, like those insisted on for nuclear disarmament. the best of the internationalism can be seen in the pursuit of the global, the most dramatic instance of which occurred on september 24, one day after obama's speech to the general assembly where he ostentatiously addressed to the security council. obama had knowledge thadr iran had constructed a secret uranium enrichment facility. the french and british were urging him to use that study at the council to
bill and lack of action in copenhagen and also somehow cited cuba and venezuela as we should emulate an effort to help with the country. it was baffling to make any sense of it. it was very difficult. >> danny glover is a wonderful actor but he needs to stick to that and let the commentary to other people. when we tie in a earthquake to the fact we didn't pass global parming pacts was utterly beyond bizarre. >> it was disconnected. >> it makes miria carrie's statement look coherent. >> sober. >> she comes across looking like a rogue scholar. >> back to pat robertson. from the religious point of view, is it his belief system. he doesn't believe that tragedy happens randomly. he said it is the devil? >> sometimes people will have different vuse that god is judging and others that the devil is unleashed and they are legitimately thelogical views. but many of us believe that calamities that we face irregardless of how good or bad we are it is how we confront and deal with them that is the essence of faith. faith does not remove us from getting cancer and having colds or the flu, what fai
! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. sfx: can shaking op when you own a business, nothing beats the sound of saving time and money. and it's never been simpler to save - with regions lifegreen checkg and savings for business. you'll enjoy free online and mobile banking. and with regions quick deposit, you can deposit checks right from your desk. drop by and get started with a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhym of saving. regions it's time to expect more. >>> coming up, hope in haiti, and an extended interview with the country's p not long ago, this man had limited mobility. last month, this woman wasn't even able to get around inside of her own home. they chose mobility. and they chose the scooter store! if you or a loved one live with limited mobility call the scooter store! no other company will work harder to make you mobile or do more to guaran
now. >> that's president obama at the copenhagen climate summit which ended with a non-binding agreement between nations. executive editor of "rolling stone" magazine who brings us the cover story "as is world burns," the author writes this -- despite the near certainty of a climate catastrophe, there are no crowds marching in the streets to demand action, no prime time speech from president obama. even the most aggressive climate legislation will still fall tragically short, but climate scientists tell us need to be done to avoid the looming chaos. in that sense the battle over global warming may already be over. your very provocative cover, "you idiots." who were you talking to? >> we were talking to 17 folks who we think are climate killers. people who have done the most or done the least -- >> you put warren buffett on that. >> warren buffett has not only trashed climate change legislation calling it a huge tax saying it will cause jobs, he's also been investing heavily in its failure. he bought $26 billion railroad, the biggest acquisition in his career, a railroad
is to have money in the short term. and clean energy technology. ron living is copenhagen. not much new here. rich get richer, poor gets poorer. the population of the u.s. suffers again and again and again. no politician be risk his position. jared says, people are so disgusted, long-term politicians are retired. among them, my state. buy ron dorgan, and fiscal responsibility is gone. and derek writes, it's too hard to understand the idea of the deficit. the best bet is to tie politician salaries to the deficit. watch how fast they fix the problem. few want to read more, go to my blog at file and go to yesterday's blog to find out how wrong i was then. >> remember ross perot? >> of course. >> he used to talk about that. >> and he got 19% of the vote. >> he pulled out. >> and then he got nuts at the en. he had martians landing in his yard. crazy. >> but he had good ideas. >> he did. no question. >>> jeanmy moose is standing by with a most unusual look. and then, only two hours away from the start of the president's state of the union address and more coverage after this. o gr
and he's in copenhagen where he lives. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> thank you very much. let's go back to april 2009. you and your wife were traveling. she was booked on a window seat and you were on a middle seat and british airways was about to seat a minor child next to you. they thought wait a minute, the kid is not related to you. what did they say? >> it went a little different. i had been located on the window seat and my wife the middle seat but she was quite heavily pregnant and she wanted to take some rest and therefore wanted to sit at the window. >> right. tell us what the flight attendant said. >> well, the flight attendant, apparently it seems to be policy of british airways that i found out and also airlines that no male is allowed to -- is allowed to sit next to a child so he approached me and asked me to swap seats with my wife. at that point, i asked him why and he explained to me that it is company policy and i began to ask why and he said it seemed inappropriate and only then i realized what all this thing was about. also, he mentioned tha
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)